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MORE SELECTIONS than all other institutes PUT TOGETHER.

Get the best score by getting the best help with Concept Educations preparation course.

Concept Educations Courses

Engineering Course
Engineering Course
Engineering Course
The 2 years FOUNDATION course targeting JEE (Main & Adv) in 2017 and 1 year PINNACLE course targeting JEE (Main & Adv), CEE (Engg) in 2016 are precisely designed to meet the requirements of the ambitious aspirant in this age of cut throat competition

A. 2 years FOUNDATION course targeting JEE (Main & Adv)

B. 1 year PINNACLE course targeting JEE (Main & Adv), CEE (Engg)

Medical Course
Medical Course
Medical Course
Our 2 years FOUNDATION and 1 year ZENITH course, you surely don't want to leave any stone unturned in giving your best shot at AIPMT / AIIMS 2017 along with 12th board exams and other competitive examinations for Medical in 2016 & 2017

A. 2 years FOUNDATION course targeting AIPMT

B. 1 year ZENITH course targeting AIPMT, AIIMS, CEE (Med)

Smart Course (Pre-Foundation)
Smart Course (Pre-Foundation)
Smart Course (Pre-Foundation)
The pre-foundation courses for classes 9 and 10 are our most innovative programs and are a must make choice for those who want an edge over their likes in the tough competitive future that awaits them one or two years down the line.

A. Class IX

B. Class X

Concept Educations Centers in Assam

Head Office

Take a tour to our Guwahati Centre and find out the best Engineering and Medical or Pre-Foundation courses that will shape for your future career. Learn about our success stories, discuss your strong and weak points. Talk to our counselor for any assistance or guidance.


Take a tour to our Silchar Centre and find out the best Engineering and Medical or Pre-Foundation courses that will shape for your future career. Learn about our success stories, discuss your strong and weak points. Talk to our counselor for any assistance or guidance.


Take a tour to our Sivasagar Centre and find out the best Engineering and Medical or Pre-Foundation courses that will shape for your future career. Learn about our success stories, discuss your strong and weak points. Talk to our counselor for any assistance or guidance.

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Star Conceptites: We congratulate our stars Brainstorm Qualifiers who trusted us in making their future shine.


Educating North-East for a Better Tomorrow

I have been a student of Concept Educations since class 9. I joined this institute with an aim of learning new things beyond the standard text books and school curriculum. Since then there has been no looking back as far as learning is concerned. i have been very regular in my approach and made sure that everyday homework never piled up. Classes at Concept has always been very interesting and engaging for me. The teachers here have at times worked out solutions with us rather than delivering lectures the board. The environment inside the classroom has been competitive and has always pushed me to do better. I have always found help whenever i needed. Teachers here have given us ample time for doubt clearance and problem solving. After 10th board i decided i would go for the medical entrances and that is when i faced another big choice of selecting an institute for preparation. During that time, it was popular opinion that Concept is the undoubted choice for engineering entrance but the medical section was just newly introduced. There were a lot of suggestions from everywhere to consider a switch of institute as i was opting for medical entrances but being here at concept for the last two years i realized that quality of education cannot vary vastly between the two sections. If the same people are behind the medical section they will make sure there is no stone left unturned in providing us the best possible guidance and training. So with a lot of faith I decided to stay back in Concept for my preparations and today i can proudly say that i made the right choice. Be it classes, study materials, DPPs, board topics or motivation we have got it all in regularity here at concept. This is why my younger sister too is currently a student of Concept Educations. I would suggest all my juniors that “if you are ready to do your hard work on a daily basis and have a hunger for learning rather than just clearing entrance exams Concept Educations is the place to come to.”

Pratyush Patowary
Educating North-East for a Better Tomorrow

Cracking jee mains and jee advanced with a good rank has always been my dream. I joined concept after completion of class x boards. The study materials provided by concept were more than sufficient for cracking jee advanced and the highly efficient classes by the highly trained faculty solved all the doubts and questions in our minds. Study in Concept did not have any limits it meant extending our knowledge sphere and thinking capacity everyday. I just continued completing all the DPPs and modules and kept up pace with the classes and gave repeated revisions, these are the only secrets to my success. I followed no other book than the NCERTs publications as nothing else was needed extra for boards as the classes in Concept took care of it. I shall remain grateful to all my teachers and staffs and whole of Concept Educations team for helping me boosting me up in the utmost way possible throughout the two years.

Shankhajyoti De
Educating North-East for a Better Tomorrow

Doing good in JEE has always been something I wanted to achieve. My confidence in the subjects grew leaps and bounds during my preparation in Concept. We were told to keep things simple and concentrate on problem solving and theoretical analysis. This approach came off really good in JEE main and I could relate most parts of the question paper in JEE main to our DPPs, test papers and modules. The classes in Concept were very precise and most importantly very regular which kept me right on the track of preparation throughout the course. Everyday practice with DPPs and Modules helped a lot as I gained ease and comfort in problem solving. Another important aspect are the periodic tests which helped to get used to examination situation and build speed. Overall it has been a very satisfying journey so far for me with Concept as I have always found all sorts of help and guidance even outside the classroom whenever I needed. I am happy that I could achieve this for myself, my family and my institute. There are no celebrations yet as we are preparing for JEE advanced and doing special classes and giving regular practice tests. Hopefully I would be able to continue my good performance in JEE advanced as well.

Rinkle Jain Rinkle Jain, Marks: 280 (Gen.), JEE-Main 2015, JEE-Adv.2015 AIR 312. 1 yr. Classroom program
Educating North-East for a Better Tomorrow

I was very confused after completing class X. I wanted to prepare for JEE but I was not quite sure whether to join a coaching institute or otherwise. I finally joined concept and this proved to be a big step in this seemingly long journey. The two years at concept were thoroughly rewarding and inspiring. The teachers were very supportive and helped me a lot through the entire period. Studying for JEE also helped me a lot in preparing for my board exams. I would like to say that however good our teachers are, we have to always work hard ourselves. Regular practise and revisions are necessary for success in any kind of exam let alone JEE. One thing that I have learned in the last two years is that self study is the most important for proper understanding of concepts. Also, keeping confidence was very important. Even when I did not get proper marks, I did not lose hope but tried to improve myself always telling myself that I can do it. Hard work and patience are both very important to succeed in these competitive exams.

Ashish Kumar Poddar Ashish Kumar Poddar, CEE (Eng.) State Rank 1 (Marks 250), JEE MAIN Marks: 254 (Gen), 2 Yr. Classroom program student.
Educating North-East for a Better Tomorrow

I wasn't quite sure whether to go for a coaching institute, tuitions or otherwise. It was then when the results of brainstorm 2013 were out and I had secured the first rank. I decided to join the pioneer institute in North-East, concept educations. That was indeed a milestone in this journey. I would like to tell you juniors that preparing for the entrance exams has in no way hampered my preparations for the board exams. It only has a garnishing effect in my stride to do well in class XII. Many will tell you that boards and entrances are two different things and coaching for entrances will hamper the boards but I can assure you none of it is true. I was advised similarly and I glad I did not pay heed to them. I concentrated on keeping my concepts clear and never thought of giving up even when performance wasn't up to the mark. I did dedicate time for my hobbies like robotics and electronics but had to put limits on a few things. I avoided having a cell phone and only yesterday I had registered for a Facebook account. I hope that my experience is of help to my juniors and would suggest them to simply do a little hard work every day and maintain their focus.

Ankur Deka ANKUR DEKA, CEE (Eng.) State Rank 3 (Marks 238 – Gen.), BITSAT score: 400, CBSE Board: 96.60% JEE Main Marks: 237, 2 Yr. Classroom program student.
Educating North-East for a Better Tomorrow

I made up my mind for Jee when I was in class 10 and for that I joined concept in class 11. I did put in a lot of hardwork and tried my best to be regular in attending classes and completing the daily assignments and modules in time. During the last two years there were times when motivation and confidence faded away but teachers were always there to pull me up each time. We did not prepare for boards separately as all the concepts were discussed in details in class itself. As I wait eagerly for my Jee advance results and hope to get a seat in a good IIT, the board results feels good and is an added bonus.

Bishal Raj Gayan BISHAL RAJ GAYAN, CEE (Eng.) State Rank 4 (Marks 235 – Gen.), CBSE Board: 97.40%, JEE Main Marks: 247 (Gen), 2 Yr. Classroom program student.
Educating North-East for a Better Tomorrow

I believe one should choose the path that he/she loves the most and not the one someone else decides for them. Whatever you choose, be prepared to leave no stones unturned in order to fulfill your goal. Be it board exams or entrance exams all you need is clear concepts, hardwork, regularity and a sustained focus. I joined concept educations in my class 12 and there was a lot of skepticism involved as many said it would interfere with the board preparations but it turned out totally different. I was ready to put the hard work in and it worked well for me. My experience in concept has been one I would ever be thankful to and only wonder why I did not join in class XI itself.

Bhaswati Gohain Baruah BHASWATI GOHAIN BARUAH, CBSE BOARD: 97.40% , JEE MAIN Marks: 222 (Gen), BITSAT score: 307