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Concept Educations CEO

I have seen people at 55 talking about not being able to discover themselves and regret being a pawn on the board of life, following formulated predefined paths and moving at the will of the one who actually played the game. At 24 I see myself lucky enough to have discovered my own board and having been playing the player since I was 18.

My love for physics comes from the fact that I have always been a natural observer and have had this intense (sometimes destructive) curiosity to get to the roots of things. For me understanding on a logical level has been the safest and least demanding way to learn. My love for teaching comes from the fact that I love diversity, every student demands a new and different way of explaining things.

Something that works absolutely perfectly with one doesn’t make a sense at all to the other, but there is some way hidden there which makes sense to him and i love finding that. Witnessing that spark of realization on the faces when someone actually visualizes what I am trying to show is my ELIXIR. My idea behind founding CONCEPT was not just to push the students for an overhyped entry into IIT or for that matter any engineering college (trust me it can be done without really knowing much about the subjects) but to preach an attitude that derives strength and confidence from common sense and logic more than it does from facts and experience (read age) and I am glad to see quite a lot of conceptites passing out of concept with exactly that.

I don’t just hope but i am sure we will grow to spread this attitude some call as “conceptism” across the globe not someday but soon.

Abhijit Dutta