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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Admission and kit fee :

The fees paid is entirely non refundable

Course/Tuition Fee :

The tuition fee and the service Tax are clearly mentioned in our prospectus and also mentioned on our website

The tuition fee may change time to time without giving any prior notice. 

Hostel charges :

There is one time fee and per month lodging and food at the CONCEPT hostel only. The fee can only be refundable if the student doesn’t stay a single day after the admission after the class start. But the student must collect the amount within 7 days from the day of admission. 

Rules and Regulations :

1. All rights and reservations come under the sole discretion of the management. The Management     may deny admission to any student without assigning any reason for the same.

2. CONCEPT reserves the rights to cancel the admission of admitted candidates under any of the      following circumstances:

  • If the candidate does not join the classes within the stipulated dates even after deposition of the fee.


The management reserves the rights to modify or alter the structure of any of the courses in order to attain excellence.


In case of any sort of disciplinary offenses by the student within or outside the premises will lead to the cancellation of admission.

Any fee paid is 100% Non-refundable. Parents and Students are encouraged to verify each and every aspect of the course structure and collect feedback from ex-students of concept before enrolling for any of our programs.

  • If the fee is not deposited within stipulated date.
  • If the candidate fails to furnish proof to the stipulated minimum educational qualification or any other details provided in the admission form.
  • If the candidate is found frequently absent in classes or periodic test or is found using unfair means in periodic test.
  • The entire fee amount has to be paid in INR.
  • Any fee paid shall be strictly non-refundable.
  • A fine of 2% on the payable amount of installment will be charged if the fee amount is not paid even after 15 days of the stipulated time.